Vladimir Zelensky again denied that the agreement during a phone call trump

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky again denied that the US President Donald trump has offered almost $400 million in military aid in exchange to get it to start an investigation against the former Vice-President Joe Biden.

«I haven’t talked to the President of the United States, trump is in these terms: you give me this, I give you this,» said Zelensky German magazine Der Spiegel in an interview published on Monday, 2 December.

A phone call, which took place on 25 July between Zelensky and a trump led to the question of impeachment, which was now in the Congress. The White house called their conversation «ideal», and the attempts by Democrats to remove him from his post «witch hunt».

«As for the United States, I don’t want us to act like beggars. But you have to understand that we are at war, said Zelensky edition. And if you are our strategic partner, you should not block any assistance. It’s about justice for me. It is not about quid Pro quo».

Military aid, which was approved by Congress in January, and ultimately sent on 11 September that Ukraine needed in the fight against separatists in the East of the country, which is Pro-Russian stance.

Vladimir Zelensky again denied that the agreement during a phone call trumpVladimir Zelensky and Donald trump. Source: Website of the President of Ukraine

Zelensky also commented on the prosecution of three total corruption in Ukraine.

«I don’t need to convince him. I told him in our meeting that I didn’t want him to have this vision of our country. And that he should just come here and see how we live — remember Zelensky conversation with the American leader during his visit to the United States. — It seemed to me that he heard me. At least he told the meeting: «Yes, I see young, new people»».

Zelensky in an interview in October said that he did not know that military assistance was suspended, while he talked with trump in July.

«Blackmail was not. I had no idea that military assistance was arrested, » he said at a press conference.