Baby Yoda for President? Its popularity is more than most candidates-Democrats

The star of the new TV series, «Star wars: Mandalore» Little Iodine in two times more common in the news in social networks than any of the candidates in the elections of 2020 from the Democratic party.

The character first appeared on screens on November 12 in the space Western, which airs on television channel Disney+. The debut of the charming character coincided with when two Democrats — former new York mayor Michael Bloomberg and former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick announced that are running for President.

The Baby Yoda even have a Twitter account which is currently signed by more than 110 thousand


— Baby Yoda (@BabyYodaBaby) December 2, 2019

According to NewsWhip, provided by Axios, the Baby Yoda the average level of interactions is 10 times higher than that of said Democrats. With 12 news about the character laykali, comment and repost 2.28 million times. According to these indicators, it is second only to Joe Biden (8 million), Bernie Sanders (2.9 million) And Elizabeth Warren (2.53 million).

Because the data measure only the interaction with the news, they do not take into account many memes with that Baby Yoda and content, native to social networks. This means that their scope is probably much wider.

Even Baby Yoda baseball has Yankees on the brain

— YES Network (@YESNetwork) July 2, 2019

CNN has compiled a list of some of the most popular memes with the Baby Yoda, calling him «the most likeable character, which is likely to have ever graced our TV screens».

The Internet also was horrified at the weekend when GIPHY temporarily disabled all gifs Baby Yoda because of the confusion in copyright, according to Engadget.