Russian MP said that the abnormally warm winter in Moscow blamed «climatic weapons» USA

Alexei Zhuravlev, the Deputy of the Russian state Duma, accused secret «climate weapons» the United States in the abnormally warm temperature this winter.

The newspaper The Moscow Times reported that crane appeared on the radio station «Moscow speaking» on Tuesday, where he said that the United States purposefully use technology to create a climatic disaster in Russia to destabilize the country.

«If the permafrost melts Russia now, it would be a disaster… Americans know this, and they have these weapons,» he added.

According to forecasters, this winter in Moscow has become very warm for 133 years. Meteorologists attribute the warm temperature this winter with unusual weather front coming from the Atlantic side.

In October, 2019 on the channel «Russia 1» Zhuravlev said that the Siberian forest fires are also a result of the impact of the US on climate change.

According to a study by the Pew Research Center conducted in 2018, only 43% of Russians believe that climate change is a serious threat to their country.

Note that in 1977 was ratified Convention on the environmental change, to prevent countries to change the weather or other factors of the environment for hostile purposes.

This followed the deployment of American secret «Operation Popeye» during the war with Vietnam, when the United States intended to extend the monsoon season in certain areas of the country, to blur the road and to deprive the Vietcong of the ability to transport troops and cargo.

After the war the US entered into bilateral negotiations with the Soviet Union, to develop a ban on such methods.

However, in many countries there are specialized organizations dealing with weather control. It is believed that China is the world’s largest Bureau for the change in the weather, which «grows» the clouds to prevent hail and drought.