More pizza, less vegetables: administration trump changes the rules of the school lunch era of Obama

The Ministry of agriculture of USA (USDA) has taken another blow to the achievement of the former first lady Michelle Obama, namely the introduction of more stringent standards for school breakfasts and Lunches.

Unknown, coincidence or not, but the statement about changes in the school nutrition appeared in the birthday of the spouse of the former President.

On Friday, January 17, assistant to the Deputy head of the USDA Brandon Lipps has proposed new rules for the Service of food and nutrition (Food and Nutrition Service — FNS), which will allow schools to reduce the number of vegetables and fruits needed for lunch and Breakfast, and to give them a license to sell more pizzas, burgers and fries.

According to Lipps, the changes will help to solve the problem, which he called the unintended consequences of the rules imposed by the Obama administration. For example, when schools have tried to implement innovative solutions, such as Breakfast or food in the classroom, they were forced to give children two bananas to meet the minimum Federal requirements. The Ministry of agriculture of the USA declared that their decision will simplify the provision of meat and meat alternatives.

Critics argue that the changes will lead to the fact that children are eating less fruit and vegetables and more harmful products such as pizza, burgers and fries.

More pizza, less vegetables: administration trump changes the rules of the school lunch era of ObamaThe administration of the trump change school food era of Obama, referring to «flexibility». Source: pixnio

The proposal «would create a huge loophole in the school nutrition guidelines» and is another example of how the administration trump «targets» on reforms in the era of Obama, designed to make school dinners healthier, said Colleen Schwartz, Deputy Director of legislative Affairs at Center for Science in the Public Interest.

Being the first lady, Michelle Obama played a key role in making Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act (Law on health and the eradication of hunger among children) of 2010, which instructed the USDA to reduce the consumption of salt, sugar and fat, to promote whole grains and offering more fruits and vegetables.