The legislator of Iran offered a reward of $ 3 million for the head of trump

Iranian politician has offered a reward of 3 million dollars to anyone who kills the President of the trump. Also Fox News reports that he added that Iran would be able to avoid external threats, if a state has nuclear weapons.

Iranian lawmaker Ahmad Hamzah made the statement Tuesday during a speech at the Parliament in Tehran. In his speech, he spoke on behalf of residents Karamna, the city that was the birthplace of the slain forces of the USA General Soleimani. At the moment it is not known whether the politician any support from the higher forces of Iran.

«On behalf of the residents of Kerman province we will pay cash consideration of $ 3 million dollars to anyone who kills trump .» said Hamzeh.

In his speech Hamzeh also touched on Iran’s nuclear program, and said that «if we had nuclear weapons today, we would be protected from threats.» He added that they will start manufacturing long-range missiles, which are capable of carrying unconventional warheads.

Hamzeh made a statement after the UK, France and Germany proposed to re-impose sanctions against Iran if the Islamic Republic continues to retreat from its international nuclear agreements.

In addition, on Tuesday, the government of Iran announced that foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, cancelled his trip to the world economic forum in Davos, after officials changed the schedule of the diplomat.