The Pentagon: the attack of Iran on the US air base suffered 34 us military

34 U.S. military personnel diagnosed with traumatic brain injury after an Iranian missile attack on us forces in Iraq earlier this month, said on Friday, Pentagon spokesman Jonathan Hoffman.

17 soldiers who were wounded, returned to duty in Iraq, 16 continue to be treated.

The Pentagon says 34 US service members were diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries after an Iranian attack on US forces in Iraq earlier this month

— CNN Breaking News (@cnnbrk) January 24, 2020

As reported by CNN, 9 soldiers are still undergoing treatment in Germany. 8 military, which originally delivered in Germany, were sent to the United States for additional treatment. They arrived in the US on Friday morning and will undergo treatment at the National military medical center. Walter reed or in military hospitals.

Although traumatic brain injury is not always apparent immediately after receiving them, the disclosure of wounded American servicemen indicates that the effects of the attack were more serious than described in the initial estimates.

The Pentagon and President Donald trump initially said that none of the soldiers was not injured and was not killed in the missile attack of Iran on 8 January, which was a response to a us drone strike on 2 January, which killed the chief of the Iranian General Soleimani.

On Friday, Hoffman said that the Ministry of defence will examine its methods of tracking and reporting injuries incurred by military personnel.

«The goal is to be as transparent, accurate and provide the American people and our military with accurate information about the huge sacrifice made by our military,» said Hoffman reporters on Friday.

Earlier this week, President Donald trump said that he does not consider the potential brain injuries as serious as physical battle wounds, downplaying the severity of injuries sustained in Iraq.

During the world economic forum in Davos (Switzerland) trump was asked to explain the discrepancy between his previous comments stating that no U.S. serviceman was injured in a rocket attack Iran on air base al-Asad in Iraq on 8 January, and recent reports of treatment of the us military from injuries sustained in the attack.

«No, I heard that they had headaches or something else, but I would say that it is not very serious,» said trump during the press conference.