In North Korea, executed official for use of the public bath after returning from China

An official from North Korea were executed for the use of the public bath after his return from China. For violation of the law of Kim Jong-UN quarantine, the man was immediately arrested and sentenced to death.

Besides, it became known is another case of the punishment that is associated with travel to China for North Koreans: another official was sent to labor camp for trying to hide their travel to China.

The Daily Mail reports that to date, North Korea has not confirmed a single case of infection with the coronavirus, but the government takes harsh measures to avoid the spread of the virus on the border with China. Kim Jong-UN issued military law, forcing all travellers returning from China, to comply with the mandatory quarantine, which was extended to 30 days instead of the recommended 14. North Korean authorities claim that public organizations, as well as foreigners living in the country, will obey the law and new rules «unconditionally».

North Korea is almost completely closed the border with China — its only trading partner. Flights were reduced because of closed or restricted road and rail communications. The demilitarized zone between North and South Korea strengthened as much as possible, and crossing it is strictly limited. Pyongyang suspended operations in the office, which he shared with South Korea had North of the border.

Earlier it was reported that tens of thousands of North Korean citizens working in China. To date not known how many workers have returned home after a order the UN to announce their return to the homeland in December.

According to state media, the Korean red cross Society organized the campaign, to identify the coronavirus in the population of «some areas».

«They hold information events in different forms and in different ways in public places to familiarize yourself with the common medical knowledge about the epidemic, and encourage people to better use the noble moral quality of care and promote each other forward.» — informs the Central Telegraph Agency of Korea.

North Korean representatives to the world Health Organization declare that the country was not identified cases of infection with coronavirus. In turn, some South Korean media have reported multiple cases of infection and even death from the coronavirus in the territory of its Northern neighbor.