In Las Vegas there were all these doves in caps «let’s Make America great again» that are glued to their heads

In the center of Las Vegas appeared pigeons in tiny hats «let’s Make America great again» (Make American Great Again), which are mocking protest of the upcoming presidential meeting of Democrats in Nevada.

A group calling itself P. U. T. I. N. (Pigeons United To Interfere Now — «the Pigeons have come together to intervene now»), took responsibility for it. According to the band, the pigeons appeared on the streets on Tuesday, February 18.

In KSNV took video of one of the pigeons on the street in the city centre.

«P. U. T. I. N. used their pigeons to run one of a kind air a protest in response to the arrival of the presidential candidates from the Democratic party of 2020, — said in the statement. — Release date was also agreed upon to serve as a gesture of support and loyalty to the President Trump».

You see the red thing on that pigeon»s head? It’s a “Make America Great Again” hat. A group released a flock of them downtown Las Vegas on the eve of the Democratic Debate. @News3LV

— Max Darrow (@MaxNews3LV) February 19, 2020

Twenty-five doves were released: 24 of them were in caps and one in the wig in the style of trump, announced Thursday the group in an email to NBC News.

«Most returned», — said in the group.

Mariah Hillman, who heads the Lofty Hopes, the organization for the rescue of pigeons in Las Vegas, called the trick MAGA «cruelty to animals».

In December 2019, the three live pigeons in a tiny red cowboy hat went viral after being spotted on the streets of Las Vegas.