Bernie Sanders came out of the presidential race. Now Joe Biden is the only candidate from the Democrats

Today, April 8, 78-year-old Senator Bernie Sanders announced that completes his presidential campaign. Now Joe Biden is the only Democratic candidate who is going to compete with Donald trump in November 2020.

This decision was made on the background of the pandemic coronavirus, which democratic candidates Sanders and Biden were forced to suspend their campaigns, and many States had to delay its primary elections.

Sanders held its last public event on March 9. The Senator returns to his native Vermont.

In 2016, Sanders was the chief rival Hillary Clinton in the primaries, where he defeated former Secretary of state.

77-year-old Joe Biden who is now the chief konkurentom trump in the election, is the 47th Vice President of the United States. While Sanders did not show his support for his colleague.

Vice President Biden congratulates Senator Bernie Sanders. Source: wikimedia

Earlier it was reported that Biden strengthens his position, since he won the Democratic primary in Florida, Illinois and Arizona.