Trump said influence whether impeachment is the rapid reaction of the authorities in a situation with coronavirus

President Donald trump said on Tuesday, March 31 that he would not have acted differently or faster in relation to the coronavirusif it is not brought to justice, the House of representatives controlled by the Democrats.

«I don’t think I could have done better, — said trump to reporters Tuesday night at a press briefing at the White house. — I don’t think would have done differently or would have acted faster.»

Trump asked, distracted whether impeachment attention to him or his team from the coronavirus after the majority leader in the Senate Mitch McConnell earlier on Tuesday accused the Democrats is that they have distracted the Federal government from the outbreak of the coronavirus because of the attempt to declare the President’s impeachment.

First, trump said that the impeachment «probably» got a little distracted his attention, but later insisted that he would not have acted differently.

«I think that handled it pretty well. It distracted my attention? Of course, a little, but I did quite well during the fake impeachment,» continued trump.

Recall, trump has been condemned by the House of representatives during a vote in late December. The Republican party controlled the Senate voted for acquittal trump 5 Feb.

According to existing information, coronavirus emerged in the end of last year in Wuhan, capital of Hubei province, and on January 21 in Washington was registered the first case of the disease COVID-19 – sick man, who returned from China.

The administration of the trump has been criticized for slow reaction in testing for the coronavirus. Trump has also repeatedly downplayed the threat, but on Tuesday urged Americans to prepare for «very heavy» period.