The pastor, who leads a group Bible study in the White house, said that the coronavirus is the «wrath of God» that caused gay

In the blog titled: «if God Judges America today?» the pastor, who leads a weekly group Bible study for members of the President’s Cabinet Donald trump, was accused of a pandemic coronavirus those who are «inclined to lesbianism and homosexuality.»

Reverend Ralph Drollinger wrote that America is «experiencing the wrath of God». This is a statement he made in his blog at Capitol Ministries, which caused outrage among the multiple protection groups, LGBTQ.

Drollinger, which The New York Times recently called the «shadow diplomat,» trump’s office, also laid blame for the coronavirus to people with «broken minds», environmentalists and those who deny the existence of God.

However, in the email sent to NBC News, Drollinger said his message about COVID-19 was misinterpreted, adding that he «does not believe that homosexuality played any role in the coronavirus».

A White house spokesman Judd Deere named the assumption that homosexuality caused the pandemic, «disgusting» and assured that «definitely not what he believes the President».

In turn, Alfonso David, President of the national LGBTQ human rights campaign, said that the «awful allegations of Drollinger funny,» and said that «his shameful views cannot be ignored».

Over the past two years, Drollinger wrote several blog posts about the dangers of homosexuality. For example, in 2018, he compared same-sex relations with a woman who «loves his cat,» and said that gay marriage would be akin to choosing a «path to extinction».