UK refuses Huawei as manufacturer 5G, referring to the coronavirus

The UK is going to refuse to cooperate with Huawei in questions of accommodation in the country mobile network 5G. Cause of failure is the unreliability of information about the coronavirus and opaque Chinese statistics of diseases COVID-19. Reported by the New York Post.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who is currently recovering from COVID-19, this year gave the Chinese company a leading role in 5G infrastructure, suppressing the opposition in last month by 24 votes in the 650-seat house of Commons.

But now concerns about inaccurate reporting of the Communist party of China on the coronavirus causes legislators to develop plans for the retreat.

«We need to develop a proper, realistic exit strategy from dependence on Huawei, said Bloomberg News, a member of Parliament from the conservative party Damian green. — Our telecommunications providers should be aware that the government intends to reduce the participation of Huawei to zero percent over a realistic time frame.»

American officials also fear that China could use Huawei to gather intelligence.

Coordinator of the White house on combating coronavirus Dr Deborah birx said at a recent press briefing that the Chinese data provided to the world in January, has led experts to believe that the coronavirus is less contagious. It was assumed that the ability to infected by the new virus at the level of the related SARS virus, which did not allow health workers to undertake appropriate training to the epidemic.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of the UK Dominic Raab said Friday that «we will not be able to continue to cooperate as usual after the crisis», promising «tough questions» for China and «very, very deep exploration of»the origin of the pandemic.

On the same day, China has fixed the number of registered deaths from the coronavirus in Wuhan, increasing them by 50 %.

UK moves to drop Huawei as vendor 5G citing China coronavirus transparency

— New York Post (@nypost) April 17, 2020

According to the New York Post, U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said that countries should business cooperation with Huawei due to the fact that China is not being transparent during the outbreak of coronavirus.

«The situation in which the Communist party of China are unable to be transparent and open, and are unable to process the data appropriately, will force many countries to rethink their actions in relation to their telecommunications infrastructure», — said Pompeo in an interview with Fox Business.

Pompeo added: «When Huawei will knock on to sell them the equipment, they will have a different view of the decision of this question».

This week President trump has suspended funding of the who, saying that the UN body released false information about the Chinese COVID-19, with the result that other countries were not prepared for a pandemic. He added that the who «focuses on China».

On Friday, trump said that the who ignored the warning to Taiwan on December 31, on the transfer of the virus from person to person in China.

Pandemic coronavirus, during which the world has infected more than 2.3 million people and killed about 160,000 people, has demonstrated the influence of China on other international organizations.

China’s influence on UN bodies include the election in 2014, Zhao Choline, a former official in the Ministry of posts and telecommunications of China, Secretary General of the International telecommunication Union, which oversees the standards of cellular networks. Zhao reportedly used this position to promote Huawei as the supplier of the 5G.

Shortly before the pandemic accused of espionage by the Chinese company Huawei announced the unpredictability of trump and promised to create a 5G network in Europe and India.