Biden warns that trump could try to postpone the presidential election because of a pandemic

The candidate of the democratic President Joe Biden said that President Donald trump to postpone the presidential elections of 2020 due to the coronavirus crisis.

Politician warns supporters to be vigilant against potential efforts of the Republican party to disrupt the vote.

«Mark my words, I think he tries to cancel elections, to come up with some explanation why they can’t be held, Biden said at the event to raise funds. — (This is) the only way [trump] to think that he can win.»

The President has spoken out against voting by mail, which, according to public health experts is the most secure method of holding elections.

«We have to figure out how we’re going to conduct a full, fair and safe elections in November, and no one should risk their lives to vote,» added Biden.

Strategists of the Republican party believe they can gain advantage over Democrats, making it hard for voters in cities, especially if they are afraid to appear in person to vote during a pandemic.

In Milwaukee (Wisconsin) voter turnout has dropped significantly during the spring election after coronavirus has caused the closure of all but five of the 180 polling stations of the city.