In North Korea people are in panic buying products amid reports of the death of Kim Jong-UN

The inhabitants of the North Korean capital in panic buying of food and other goods amid reports that the country’s leader Kim Jong-UN is seriously ill or dead.

As reported by the Washington Post on Sunday, in the past few days the shelves in Pyongyang were empty. Residents have bought almost everything from alcoholic drinks to washing powder, from fish food to cigarettes. This comes amid circulating rumors about possible death of Kim Jong-UN, who many call a dictator.

Over the capital of North Korea low flying helicopters, and the message of trains on time was interrupted.

The assumption that Kim Jong-UN was seriously ill or died, was caused by his absence at the widely advertised celebration of the 88th anniversary of the Republic, as well as subsequent reports that the train leader a few days it was deadlocked.

Despite the approval of the authorities of South Korea on Sunday that Kim Jong-UN is «alive and well», accurate information about his fate remains uncertain.

On Saturday, U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham said, leading Fox News Jeanine Pirro that he would be «shocked» if Kim is still alive, given his unusual disappearance in the past few days.

However, a similar situation was in 2014, when Kim Jong UN disappeared for weeks, prompting rumors of a military coup. When he reappeared, authorities reported that North Korean leader recovering after surgery.