In Sweden recorded the «most deadly» week of the 21st century

Sweden recorded the «most deadly» week of the 21st century. This attracted the attention of the world because the country decided not to impose universal quarantine, unlike most other States, reports the New York Post.

According to the Swedish newspaper the Local, from 6 to 12 April killed at least 2505 Swedes, which amounts to 358 deaths per day.

Some experts suggest that the surge in deaths occurred due to the fact that the country refused to take coercive measures of deterrence to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

«It is important to understand that these are preliminary statistics and the number of deaths, especially in recent weeks, will be revised upwards», — said Tomas Johansson, Statistics Sweden, a government Agency that provided the data.

“Sweden recorded its deadliest week of the 21st century after controversially resisting coronavirus lockdown measures.

The government has called for citizens to hold themselves accountable for social distancing instead of ordering lockdowns.”

— Frank Luntz (@FrankLuntz) May 3, 2020

The government urged citizens alone bear the responsibility for social distancing, reports AFP.

«The government simply did not believe that the epidemic ever go to Sweden», — said the Professor of epidemiology at the University of Gothenburg Bo Lundback.

According to the Johns Hopkins University, in the second half of the day on Tuesday in Sweden was more than 19 600 confirmed cases COVID-19, which killed 2355 people. For comparison, the Northern neighbours of Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland, registered respectively 434, 206 and 199 deaths during the same time period.