Taliban go door to door in Afghanistan looking for U.S. allies, report says

Taliban go door to door in Afghanistan looking for U.S. allies, report says

Received new reports of Taliban crackdown — amid brutal crackdown on protests in Afghanistan and ongoing attempts by thousands of desperate Afghans to flee the country.

According to an intelligence report submitted to the UN, Taliban go door to door checking names at checkpoints in Kabul as they prey on people who worked with US-led forces or the previous Afghan government.

A report compiled by a Norwegian intelligence group and sent by NBC News casts doubt on the militants' claims of a «general amnesty» after the seizure of power.

“The Taliban intensifies the persecution of all individuals and allies of the former regime, and if they fail, they harass and arrest families, punishing them according to their own interpretation of Sharia law,” the report says, dated Wednesday .

Since the Taliban seized control of the country, thousands of Afghans have tried to flee, fearing a return to the group's harsh rule.

In one video, a child was thrown over a wall of barbed wire at an airport.

Marine Corps spokesman Major Jim Stenger said in a statement that the baby was handed over to a member of the 24th Marine Expeditionary Force.

the facility is on-site and under the supervision of medical professionals, «he added.

» I can confirm that the child is reunited with his father and is safe at the airport. «

Official representative The White House said Friday that the US has evacuated nearly 9,000 people since last weekend, including a number of vulnerable Afghans.