Man stabs New York gubernatorial candidate

Man stabs New York gubernatorial candidate

Yesterday, July 21, in upstate New York, an unidentified man attacked Republican gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin with a knife. The politician miraculously managed to avoid serious injuries. The incident occurred as the congressman spoke on a low stage in front of dozens of potential voters. The attacker went up to Zeldin, but the politician managed to grab his wrist and buy time before the attacker was caught.

"I'm fine," — said the candidate for governor from the State of New York.

The moment of the attack on the congressman was caught on video, which shows how two people on the stage fall, and other people run up to them. Among those who helped neutralize the perpetrator was Lee Zeldin's associate Alison Esposito. He is also a former Deputy Inspector of the New York City Police Department. Nick Langworthy, chairman of the state Republican Party, told the Associated Press.

According to him, he does not have any details about the attacker and his weapons, but after the assassination attempt he corresponded with Zeldin at the time when he communicated with police. "He's all right," — said Langworthy, and added that the congressman received only a small scratch, which cannot be considered an injury.

The Zeldin campaign headquarters said that the attacker was arrested, and the gubernatorial candidate continued his speech to the public. In November of this year, he will take part in the elections. Lee Zeldin is called a direct competitor to the current head of state of New York from the Democratic Party Kathy Hokul. She, in turn, condemned the actions of the attacker and said that "I was relieved to learn that the politician was not injured, and the suspect was taken into custody". After the incident, Zeldin will be guarded for the entire duration of the election campaign.

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