Trump goes in 17-day vacation

Trump goes in 17-day vacation

According to the Associated Press, President trump will begin a 17-day August vacation at his private Golf club in new Jersey.

Presidents usually take vacation in August, and trump, according to the AP, is no exception. It will be released in its first official vacation at the end of this week.

Trump goes in 17-day vacation

It is expected that the President will spend the August holidays at his club in new Jersey, which he already visited on the weekends.

The white House has already gone on break, and it is expected that the Senate will also reduce the time the extended two-week session in August and will go on leave this week.

Leave trump in early August may be partially related to the fact that the government replaces the heating and cooling in the West wing of the White house, so everyone who works there has to leave the building by the end of the week.

Trump previously called on the senators of the Republican party to cancel its August vacation and did not leave Washington before voting on the repeal of ObamaCare. Last week, Senate Republicans failed to vote even at the «minimum» bill repealing ObamaCare.

Trump often spends the weekend in their possession, when visiting your Golf club in new Jersey.