Post on Facebook could cost the Senator positions

Post on Facebook could cost the Senator positions

Senator from the state of Missouri the Democrats can go into retirement because of a post on Facebook in which she expressed the hope that the death of a President trump.
«I hope trump will kill you!», States Senator Maria Chappell-Nadal.
She soon deleted the message, but someone did and saved a screenshot, which then appeared on Twitter.

#Missouri Senator posted, then deleted a Facebook comment in which she hoped «Trump is assassinated» #News4 #KMOV Maria Chappelle-Nadal

— KMOV (@KMOV) November 17, 2017

Post on Facebook could cost the Senator positions

In an interview for local media, Chappell-Nadal has told that regrets about writing but she is not ashamed of his anger on the President. She says her angry opinion was caused by the reaction of the trump’s «white March» in Charlotteville.
«I’m not supposed to write such things on Facebook, and I’m sorry about that,» says the Senator in interview of a broadcasting company the St. Louis KMOV.

The secret service told the correspondent of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, they are investigating this case.

Meanwhile the Democrats of Missouri, including Senator Claire McCaskill and head of the Democratic party of Missouri, called Chappell-Nadal to retire.

«I strongly condemn this behavior,» said Maccaskill Post-Dispatch. «This is outrageous. She needs to retire».

The head of the party of Missouri Stephen Webber also said the post of Senator is «inexcusable».

«I think she should resign,» he supported Webber Senator McCaskill.

However, Chappell-Nadal is not going away.

«Never in my life I will not resign,» she said in an interview with KMOX Radio