In the press again criticized the Barron trump

In the press again criticized the Barron trump

Daughter of former U.S. President bill Clinton, Chelsea again had to stand up for the youngest son of President trump.

At the same time, attacks against 11-year-old Barron trump made Ford Springer, author of the ultra-conservative website Daily Caller , who wrote that the boy should look under to become parents.

«It is time Barron Trump to get dressed as it is necessary in the White House,» he writes. «Is it weird that he dresses so coming to light, together with their parents».

The reason for the criticism was the picture, which depicts a couple of Trumps, released from the plane after the flight from new Jersey to Washington: the President with the suit, Melania, in an elegant dress, and their son, dressed in a simple beige shorts and a red t-shirt.

The author of the Daily Caller thinks that Barron «looks like it sat in the presidential plane in order to get to the theater».

The child immediately stood up Chelsea Clinton, who has published in his Twitter a link to the article and wrote that «it is time the press and everyone else to leave the Barron trump alone and give him the opportunity to have the childhood they deserve».

It’s high time the media & Barron Trump leave everyone alone & let him have the private childhood he deserves

— Chelsea Clinton (@ChelseaClinton) August 21, 2017

This is not the first case when miss Clinton of Barron protects from attacks in the press. In January 2017, one of the American satirists joked that trump Jr. will be the first «school shooter homeschooled». Then Chelsea wrote in his Facebook that the Barron has the same right to be a normal child like any other.