New York real estate: availability, prices, terms of purchase

June 11, 2024

Nowadays, purchasing any type of real estate in other countries is not only a way to pay tribute to the powerful trend of all modern trends, but also a very profitable investment. We can even say more — sometimes purchasing comfortable, spacious and large real estate abroad costs less than buying less attractive housing in domestic real estate markets. The geographical choice of purchasing real estate abroad is determined not…


Real estate in Vermont (USA)

May 28, 2024

Vermont is located in the northeastern part of the United States of America. This is one of the smallest states in terms of area. The state is a tourist destination. The main revenues to the budget come from the recreation of citizens of the country and foreign tourists. In winter, holidays at ski resorts are in great demand. Many hotels, restaurants, and resorts attract up to thirteen million tourists a…


What real estate should you not buy in the USA?

May 28, 2024

In America, real estate is too cheap, but buying it possible only under certain conditions and in disadvantaged cities of the country. They were once super successful and prosperous, but due to the loss of economic importance, they turned into ghost towns consisting of abandoned houses. Local authorities cannot just demolish everything, so they come up with profitable (or not so profitable) programs and promotions to sell them. Read today…


Classification of country houses in the USA

May 22, 2024

Country houses in the USA can be classified according to various criteria, for example: Architecture Style: There are many styles of country home architecture in the United States such as Cottages, Colonials, Ranches, Victorians, Tudors, Mediterranean Homes, etc. House Size: Country houses can be classified by size, such as one bedroom, two bedroom, three bedroom, four or more bedrooms. Price: Country houses can be classified by cost, so there are…


How can a non-citizen buy housing in the USA? Answers to frequently asked questions

May 15, 2024

Regardless Whether you're an international investor looking for a vacation property or a new resident starting your first-time home hunt, buying a home in the US can seem like a huge undertaking. But while real estate practices and requirements in the United States may differ from mortgage practices in your country, there are numerous resources and options available to foreign buyers at every stage of the journey. When searching, appraising…


Housing on credit in the USA

April 14, 2024

Such low interest rates, of course, stimulate the entire construction industry market. Real estate sales are growing above analysts' forecasts, although demand for residential real estate still remains at a relatively low level. Also read why it is profitable to buy property in the UK. Most Americans still remember the economic crisis of 2008 and are in no hurry to go into debt. Let us recall that it was precisely…


Advantages of buying property in Turkey

March 17, 2024

Turkey is a beautiful country with a unique cultural heritage, pleasant climate, magnificent beaches and hospitable people. There are many opportunities for those who want to purchase real estate. A huge number of Russians and other foreign citizens dream of buying an apartment in Turkey. There are many different agencies and websites in the real estate market, but one of the most trusted ones is — this is the…


Types of commercial real estate: from retail to warehouse premises

March 15, 2024

At different stages of development, a business may need its own premises. The market offers a large selection of different types of objects, including ready-made buildings for retail outlets. From land plots to warehouse complexes The selection of commercial real estate for sale in St. Petersburg can be found on the page https://spb.etagi .com/commerce/, here are different objects that differ in location, area, level of infrastructure and other characteristics. Types…


New York real estate

March 13, 2024

New York, this city well known to us from films, is the location of many headquarters apartments of international political and economic organizations, various global corporations, industrial companies and banks. These factors largely determine real estate prices in the Big Apple. And these prices are among the highest on the planet. However, the pricing policy in New York real estate seems quite unusual. For example, when real estate prices were…


Buying commercial real estate: main stages

March 8, 2024

Before making a choice in favor of a specific property for business, it is worth conducting a thorough check. Otherwise, you can purchase a problematic asset that will not bring profit and will become a burden for the owner. If you are interested in free-use commercial real estate