Barbie dream house in Malibu to rent for $60 per night

October 18, 2019

For the 60th anniversary of the Barbie brand at Airbnb appeared unrealistic pink mansion in the best tradition of the beloved doll. This is a real 3-storey Barbie dream house with all plastic parts: including the legendary pink slide from the balcony to the pool and a beautiful view of the ocean. One lucky fan puppet of the brand and three of his friends will be able to hold on…


The shed in the back yard in California for housing for rent for $1050 per month (photos)

October 4, 2019

Rental prices of real estate in California, of course, «bite», but these landlords from San Diego hit record. Tenants in San Diego with surprise and even anger react to the cost of rent for «shed» in the backyard with the requested cost of $1050 per month. «Studio» (so called on the real estate websites) are located in the backyard of a house on Oregon Street in North Park, one of…


In new York, the judge said the landlady to pay the tenant-the illegal $17 thousand for the fact that she threatened to call immigration

Landlady of the Queens was fined $17 thousand for the fact that she threatened the tenant-the illegal call Immigration and customs enforcement (ICE — Immigration and Customs Enforcement). Although state law klassificeret the threat of calling ICE as discrimination, the case is one of a kind. As the Wall Street Journal «the lawyers [of the Commission on human rights] said they believe this is the first case in the country,…

September 24, 2019

Residents of apartment buildings are forced to look for another accommodation, because under the building found about 100 graves

Residents of an apartment complex in Tampa Florida forced to move after the shocking findings – it turns out that they lived above their long-lost African-American cemetery. «This is covered in dense vegetation areas have discovered many remains,» — said Connie Burton, who lived in Robles Park Village on Florida Avenue for about 20 years. Since the area is really densely covered with vegetation, the archaeologist had to use radar…

September 1, 2019

The family could not sell the old house, which gave them rest, «knowing what they know»

Aaron and Erin Clark believed that he had found a dream home when purchased and updated a 109-year-old building in Jefferson city in Missouri. But the dream quickly turned into a nightmare. In August 2017, the couple bought a historic building with space of 5 thousand square feet at 500 E. Miller St. The building is called Hobo Hill House. Aaron and Erin had restored it, and was preparing to…

September 1, 2019

Bed bugs rained like dandruff from findings under the mattress was crawling even seasoned professionals (video)

Company for pest control found in a residential building just incredible colony of bed bugs, and the sight goose bumps. Rory McCarthy (50), owner of Bug Boys, which kills pests, arrived on a call in Maryland on July 17. During the inspection the man looked under the mattress of the owner of the house and found a whole army of bed bugs. At the beginning of the video shared from…

August 26, 2019

Living in a tiny house is a 35-year-old man saved $100 thousand, and intends soon to retire

Over the past seven years, 35-year-old Ryan Mitchell of North Carolina saved over $100 thousand, paid their student loans, traveled the world and started a successful business. He says it’s all thanks to his tiny house area of 150 square feet. In 2009, Mitchell graduated from Western Carolina University with a master’s degree in human resources and 6 months later left without work. «My boss came in and said we…

August 23, 2019

The mayor of new York bill De Blasio facilitated the participation of illegal immigrants in the lottery for affordable housing

The people of new York, whose family members are in the country illegally, it will be easier to apply for lottery affordable housing under changes announced by the mayor Wednesday, August 21. The administration of new York mayor bill De Blasio decided not to require the applicant’s social security number or TIN (taxpayer identification number). This change will lead to the opening of the lottery for many immigrants without documents…

August 22, 2019

Horror Hitchcock: the Vultures dirtied the house for $700 thousand in Florida so that it is impossible to live

A couple from new York bought a holiday home in Florida for $700 million — but don’t use it because a bunch of vultures literally occupied residence. House with three bedrooms, an indoor pool and a plot of three quarters of an acre with a great view is empty. Husband with his wife and young daughter can’t even Park outside. They say that the smell in the house like «a…

August 17, 2019

Avenue of Barack Obama: more than 60 thousand people signed a petition to rename a street near the Trump Tower in new York

August 13, 2019

Soon, in the heart of new York city, right near the Trump Tower, you may see a street named after former President Barack Obama. This idea has already supported more than 64 thousand people. «We ask you to rename the plot on Fifth Avenue between 56th and 57th Streets in President Barack H. Obama Avenue», — stated in the petition. The Trump Tower in new York. Source: flickr Started around…