How the Russian General property for $38 million in Florida?

How the Russian General property for $38 million in Florida?

Former first Deputy head of the Main Directorate for combating organized crime of Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation the General-the major Anatoly Petukhov, who now lives in Miami, was at the center of a major scandal with real estate in the United States. It turns out that ex-COP owns houses, apartments and offices in Florida, with a total value exceeding $ 38 million. Own investigation into the matter was conducted by the Miami Herald.

In 2010, Anatoly Petukhov forever turned from the icy winter in Moscow and went with his family on the warm shores of South Florida, but to live here he was not modest and on benefits. Former head of Moscow settled in a Continuum – one of the most prestigious condominiums in South Beach, and then bought a whole bunch of shops, office buildings and first-class villas, with a total value of about $ 38 million. Luckily, real estate in Miami to buy is not difficult, having a tidy amount of cash.

How the Russian General property for $38 million in Florida?

How the roosters made a fortune?

The retired 59-year-old major General has refused to provide income information alone, is why the Miami Herald had to bring some help and that’s what it turned out. Biography ex-COP suggests that he may have a good reason to avoid attention, including from the press. Previously, he served as a General in the «elite» division of the interior Ministry involved in the fight against organized crime. Led by Petukhov structure was so corrupt — «the most criminalized structure in the police,» according to the comments of Louise Shelley, Professor at George Mason University, that it was reorganized, and eventually disbanded after a scandal involving its leader.

Without hesitation, the roosters went to Miami. It was here in 2013 against him was filed a civil suit on behalf of shareholders of the company Yasenovo United Trading House. From the document followed that during the years 1999-2013 cocks extorted money from the head of the company Paul Gornostaeva. The total damage claimed in the lawsuit amounted to no less than about $ 60 million. It was on the money apparently roosters and acquired property in Florida. Among the defendants in the lawsuit also was listed as the wife of Russian – Yulia Petukhova, his firm for property management in Miami, his business partner Hallandale Beach and one friendly company from Florida.

According to public court documents, analyzed the Miami Herald, monthly Petukhov passed bags (in the literal sense of the word) with cash in the amount of $ 2.5 million. The money was paid for the so-called «roof», because roosters «neutralized» all who were dissatisfied with the expanding activities of Yasenovo United Trading House. Gornostaeva a former police officer threatened that «will create problems for those who refuse his «protection»… will cause harm to others and their families using criminals under its control.»

By 2002, Petukhova appetite grew, and he demanded a 25% stake in the business, according to the complaint Gornostaeva. The decision was made to meet its requirements. Shares of the company at that time was worth $ 12 million. In 2005, Petukhov was appointed Deputy General Director of the company. Just based on court documents, a «protection» Petukhov has received about $ 16.8 million In the end, the insatiable policeman began to demand a controlling stake, so he could emigrate to the United States on a business visa and open an affiliate company in Miami. It was a long shot and weasels refused Petukhov.

A police officer found the money and moved to Miami, bought a nice apartment there, but even there continued to threaten the firm.

Petukhova lawyers strongly deny any involvement of their client in the described circumstances, calling the accusations «scandalous and impertinent».

A written explanation from another shareholder of the company Sergey Kiselyov, also available in materials, but appeared much later filing a lawsuit, suggests that he never witnessed the events described above, did not see the transfer of money. Kiselyov is assured that the extortion by Petukhov learned the words Gornostaeva, and then years later.

A few months later, the dispute between the Petukhov and Yasenovo was unexpectedly resolved peacefully. The terms of the peace agreement is not known, but in court, the parties agreed never to seek resolution of the issues described in the claim circumstances. In addition, the judge had decided to prohibit publishing information about the case in Newspapers to «protect the reputation of the parties.» The case file was classified, which is extremely rarely applied by the courts in the United States. And besides, what kind of a state secret can contain these documents? But the story doesn’t end there…

6 months after settlement of the dispute Yasenovo United Trading House sells all of its Department stores in Moscow, which cost approximately $ 160 million. Before selling roosters were defined by the owner 25% of the property sold. Cyprus offshore company controlled Petukhov, shows a profit of $ 3.6 million from the sale of stores Yasenovо. Where does this money go and how in the end we got the cocks – remains a mystery. Of course, neither he nor his lawyers comments are not allowed.

After the above-described situations seems very strange that none of the representatives of the Russian community of South Florida and never heard nothing about Petukhovo and its estate.

«This man is a Ghost,» said one of the Russian immigrants who wished to remain anonymous.

«The situation is typical for officials involved in combating corruption», — said Andrei Kozyrev, former Minister of foreign Affairs from 1990 to 1996, and a frequent critic of President Vladimir Putin, who now lives in South Florida.

In the end, today Anatoly Petukhov continues to be the owner of a huge set of real estate in Florida. This is two villas on the island Hibiscus (worth more than $ 7 million each), 3 office buildings in Miami-Dade and Broward value of 13.6 million dollars, the Mall to Fort Lauderdale that cost $ 4.5 million, ground floor with shops and storefronts in Hallandale Beach condo worth $ 1.5 million.

Source Petukhov more than $ 40 million and remains «unknown». Activists of different groups and law enforcement authorities in Russia are already preparing the relevant statements to the Prosecutor General, the Federal financial monitoring service and other services, arguing among other things that the roosters illegally gained U.S. resident status. But whether it will reach the case before the court verdict is not clear.

This Russian general fought the mob. Why does he own $38 million of Florida real estate? — Miami Herald

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