Pool in the living room and Spa for dogs: what I want from apartments rich new Yorkers

Pool in the living room and Spa for dogs: what I want from apartments rich new Yorkers

Apartments costing less than $ 10 million are no longer considered ultra-luxury in new York.

In addition, now the richest inhabitants of the Big Apple increasingly want from their apartments charging stations for Tesla, cinemas, indoor playgrounds for children and a Spa for animals.

Pool in the living room and Spa for dogs: what I want from apartments rich new Yorkers

«The buyers really cared about proximity to public transport,» says real estate agent and star of the reality show «Deal in a million» Ryan Serhant. «Now it’s as easy as the click of a button on your phone. I have more and more customers want where they will be able to charge Tesla cars. And buyers want large, unusual play areas for their children.»

Channel СNBC talked with workers in the financial industry from wall Streetto find out what they want from the property.

«I want to live like in a hotel,» says Edward, investment officer. «This includes Concierge and pool on the roof.»

Among other «amenities» financiers called a Spa for dogs, a movie theater, wine cellar and fully equipped fitness rooms.
«I am alone, so looking for a place for entertainment,» said the trader, Andrew. «A man cave for $ 5 million, tastefully decorated. To my apartment was a separate Elevator from the Windows a magnificent view and the room had a fireplace and a full bar.»

Demand creates supply. So, for example, the complex Soori High Line are heated pools with a depth of 4 feet in the living room. In addition, for residents will be available to water therapy and meal planning. The cost of apartments here range from 3 to 22 million dollars.

What’s so special about Soori High Line in Chelsea? In-suite ionized, salt water swimming pools —just to name one. https://t.co/bYP9FAPnkB pic.twitter.com/NJWaZJ4mvk

— CityRealty (@CityRealtyNY) December 31, 2016

Ryan Serhant adds: many rich buyers (often foreigners from China and Russia) are looking for a luxury apartment outside of the Upper East Side that previously seemed just unheard of. «There is a transaction for 16 million in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. I get inquiries from foreign buyers about Harlem».

The market is expanding not only horizontally, but also vertically, the buildings become higher and higher.

«Not long ago, Woolworth was the tallest residential building in the city. But now he’s only on the 25th place,» notes the agent. «The tallest residential building will now be the Central Park tower apartments 1550 feet.»

Although now less rich investing in real estate, not all have abandoned such investments. Thus, the entrepreneur bill Ekman bought the penthouse for 91,5 million dollars. It has an area of about 13.5 thousand square foot penthouse has six bedrooms and six bathrooms, a garden 50 feet long. Ekman hopes that one day I will be able to sell apartments for 500 million dollars.

It may seem crazy, but a few years ago and $ 100 million seemed crazy wallet.