In Staten island house for sale haunted

In Staten island house for sale haunted

Ghost stories in new York city bloom in riotous color on the eve of Halloween, and most of them are incorporeal entities co-exist peacefully with people, be it a Museum or a house (although, of course, there are always exceptions). But the real estate market haunted houses appear every day.

For example, the famous Kreiser estate, located in Staten island for sale complete with a whole set of ghosts, including the spirit of a murdered mafia there.

In Staten island house for sale hauntedsource: flickr/cc/ Lwp Kommunikáció

The mansion, which has already exceeded 130 years, sold for $ 2 million. Beautiful Victorian house, is one of the most «otherworldly» places in new York that may well be true, given its rather bloody history.

Almost a half century ago this house was built Balthazar krauser, the Bavarian immigrant who ran the company for the production of refractory brick. Unfortunately, the man died one year after the completion of the work. His sons, Edward and Charles krauser are unable to divide the inheritance of his father without conflict. Rumor has it that the situation is so complicated that Edward shot himself during an argument with his brother. Then the second Kreisher mansion, built on the same site for Charles, was burned, together with him and his wife.

In Staten island house for sale hauntedsource: flickr/cc/Kreischer Mansion

Later the residents told me that they encountered a few ghosts after they drove to the mansion, including two brothers Krysanov, German cooks and young children were locked in closets. In 2005, the then caretaker of the house, Joseph young, was convicted of the murder of a relative of the family Bonanno Robert McKelvey. The victim was overtaken by a truly terrible fate – the killer stabbed him in the basement, and then secured the result of a drowning man in the pool, and after the dismembered his body and burned the parts of the furnace.

Paying the requested amount, the «lucky» winner of the haunted houses will get old mansion with seven bedrooms, three bathrooms, several dining rooms, a basement, an attic and a small pool. A dream house, isn’t it?