In new York, has published a ranking of the worst homeowners

In new York, has published a ranking of the worst homeowners

The office of the public advocate of new York has published an annual ranking of the worst landlords in new York in order to help people who rent housing to avoid negligent landlords during the housing search.

Interactive list consists of 100 homeownerswho have accumulated the greatest number of violations associated with their corresponding buildings. The basis for the ranking was based on data supplied by the Department of buildings and Department of conservation and development housing. In addition to dishonest homeowners to the list of «worst of the worst» includes 20 of the worst buildings in new York, without regard to their owners.

In new York, has published a ranking of the worst homeowners

Public advocate Letitia James is convinced the annual list of the worst homeowners gives potential employers the opportunity to change and improve their living conditions. According to the woman, 8 out of 10 of the worst offenders fall into its rating not for the first time, however, the city authorities can not forbid them to take their housing for rent. But if you know the enemy’s face, you can avoid many problems.

This year the dubious title of worst landlord went to Jonathan Cohen, of Silvershore Properties. Owned by Cohen are 19 buildings in Brooklyn, which was discovered 1105 violations.

In Silvershore Properties, claiming that their guilt in the terrible condition of the apartments there. Most of the real estate was purchased by them from the owners, who are not much bothered all the rules and regulations, and therefore all the resulting problems got them in the inheritance. The company claims that they have done a great job at improving these objects, and the number of violations should be significantly reduced after the next check officials.


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