In California there will be affordable housing on the ocean

In California there will be affordable housing on the ocean

Apartments by the sea are not cheap. What to say about California state differs among the highest prices for rental property, and the cost of housing on the coast and did rolls.

It is not surprising that the residents of the region are not enthusiastic about such situation. According to the results of sociological research, 62% of the local population believes the limited access to the beach a serious problem, and 75% are convinced that its cause is a deficit budget areas near the shore that could be used to sleep.

For correcting this situation obsessed legislators — Assembly member Lorena Gonzalez, Fletcher has put forward a bill designed to provide travelers with budget accommodation within 2.5 km from the coastline.

The law provides for the preservation of existing and creation of new affordable housing units: hotels, tourist camps, hostels, campgrounds, and Parking lots for caravans. According to the plan Gonzalez Fletcher, the cost of economy housing should not exceed a certain limit, and its reassessment should be conducted every 5 years.

In January bill No. 250 was raised for consideration, and last week it approved on the state legislature and sent to the Senate. In the case of approval, the rest of the ocean will be able to afford even tourists with modest incomes.