In new York sold out whole streets

In new York sold out whole streets

New York is literally sold on the streets. Although this information is not advertised and the facts remain unnoticed by most city dwellers. It is reported by The New York Post.

Streets, crossings, alleys regularly sold to various institutions. Further, the city authorities removed the object purchased from the official city maps, and once you use street turns into private property. According to the legal Department of the city hall for the past four years the city received more than $ 35 million as a result of concluding transactions on the sale of about 9 segments of streets.

In new York sold out whole streets

The largest selling «street property» was held in 2013. Customer – real estate Agency Tishman Speyer has acquired a street located one block from West Street in Queens, under the project of construction of a new luxury residential complex.

Among other buyers of the streets in new York, several limited liability companies owned by the famous company Durst. It is the latest in 2015, purchased two embankments of the street in Queens for $ 1 million.

Not left behind and new York University. He purchased two sections of sidewalk on Mercer street and part of the underground space in Greenwich village for almost 6 400 000 $ in the framework of its expansion plan.

«It’s just outrageous and wrong that the administration of De Blasio sells public street, greedy landlords, and unknown firms that in the end does not increase the number of affordable housing in return,» says Jonathan Westen, the representative of human rights organization New York Communities for Change.

Westen said that the cost of renting an apartment still under construction Tishman Speyer , the complex starts from 2 197 dollars a month, but no apartment will not participate in the lottery for affordable housing. In other words, the company has purchased the street only to further their own enrichment.

Representatives of the city authorities do not see anything in his actions reprehensible. «This multi-Agency event in which the vacant land owned by the city, will be used more efficiently», — said the representative of the legal Department Nick Paolucci. «The land is used for affordable housing or implementing other improvements to the community. The city will receive more tax payments from the new facilities.»