Homeowners will be forced to deal with mold and pests

Homeowners will be forced to deal with mold and pests

Scientists have proved that the presence in the apartment of vermin, such as cockroaches, mice and mold, can seriously harm not only the emotional balance of residents, but also their health, provoking and exacerbating attacks of asthma. It is almost impossible to get homeowners to get rid of unpleasant neighbors because, under current law, this problem is not among those that directly threaten the tenants.

This means that landlords have nothing to fear frivolous penalties and extend deadlines for getting rid of the parasites that ultimately all leads to the fact that everything remains as it was prior to the filing of the complaint.

But a new bill called the Asthma Free Housing Bill, submitted for discussion by City Council member Rosie Mendez, will cause homeowners to pay more attention to securing normal living conditions. The bill provides for greater responsibility on the part of landlords and ensuring more severe punishment if the situation does not change.

The bill will also establish a specific Protocol to eliminate the hazards associated with allergens, such as mold infestation and pests in apartments for rent. This will establish a clear time frame to correct housing conditions. In addition, homeowners really have to deal with the problem, not to do cosmetic repairs.

The proponents of the bill believe that this step is necessary since the issue of inadequate housing has reached critical point.

The statistics are eloquent: in many areas inhabited by low-income people, every fourth child suffers from asthma. According to the Department of health, asthma is a major cause of absenteeism in urban schools and the most common cause of hospitalization in the city. A leading stimulator of asthma in homes new York are cockroaches.

According to a survey conducted by supporters of the bill, 61% of tenants who filed complaints in housing court trying to get their landlords to carry out repairs, and have not achieved the goal. Less than a quarter managed to eliminate the problem within six months after the filing of the complaint.