«Hot line» receives signals on illegal Airbnb rentals

«Hot line» receives signals on illegal Airbnb rentals

The fight against illegal activities of Airbnb in NYC continues. This time not on legislative level. The fight became members of the public. The coalition, which opposes Airbnb, according to the Daily Newscreates a «hot line» on which the new York tenants can report on proposals on illegal short-term rentals, hosted website.

ShareBetter , a coalition of politicians, tenants, groups of tenants and trade unions, said that «hotline» is designed to help new Yorkers to submit «complaints» and Express «concerns» regarding illegal short-term rentals on Airbnb.

«Airbnb doesn’t want to bring their activity in compliance with the law, so we have to do to make this work,» said Democrat Assembly member Linda Rosenthal. «This new hotline will educate, engage and mobilize residents to resist Airbnb with complaints, which will assist the city in the implementation of coercive measures.»

According to the organizers, the hotline will be launched today and will be promoted through targeted digital media, to attract tenants in areas where Airbnb is most often used.

On the line will work «live» operators, it will be available on weekdays from 9 am to 5 PM.

Hot line number — 646-979-4117.

Representatives of Airbnb reacted to the news calmly. They claim that the company already has its own «hot line» for new Yorkers concerned about proposals in their areas.