In new York almost half of renters live with roommates

In new York almost half of renters live with roommates

Approximately 40% of the inhabitants of new York do not earn a sufficient amount for a self-rent housing.

This is indicated by the results of a recent Zillow study.

Data were collected after the census of the United States, which gave to understand how many adults of working people are living with neighbours or family members. Such households Zillow calls «doubling».

It is important to note that by this word the researchers know that when «at least two adults, not married, live together.» That is, fall under this concept, like two adult men, for example, removing an apartment together and an adult son living with parents.

The study showed that across America, approximately 30% of working-age people ranging in age from 23 to 65 years living in the «redouble their households». In 2005 this figure was 21%.

«Some choose joint tenancy for communication or convenience, but a growing trend is for the most part still due to financial problems,» the study says.

According to Zillow, there is a direct relationship between the availability of rental and the number of «matching household» where the rental takes most of the income people prefer to live with neighbors or other family members.

So, in Los Angeles , the figure reaches 46% in Miami – 41%, in new York – about 40% in San Francisco – 38%.

In new York almost half of renters live with roommatesSource: Zillow