In Los Angeles were bright pink house

In Los Angeles were bright pink house

If you are looking for unusual place for a date or just want to tune in a romantic mood — go in mid-city. A few days ago in the 1500 block of hi point street appeared 3 bright pink house, who happily greeted everyone.

Those who want to see new places should hurry, before it disappears, very soon the lovely houses give way to apartment complex.

Shortly before the demolition of the single storey building adjacent sidewalks, and even the bushes are painted in pink color in part of an unusual art project of the company Mural Agency. The developers of the future residential complex from architectural company M-Rad dubbed it «fleeting».

Most of the inhabitants of the neighboring houses was not liking pink extravaganza, but all the others come to wander through the fabulous rooms.

The founder of the Mural Agency and author Matty Mo at the Most famous pseudonym of the artist calls her «ephemeral conceptual art project and a starting point for conversations about development, public art and social media».

According to skeptics, this blurred notion of hiding quite practical purpose — an attempt to draw attention to the company’s production of rose wines Nomadica. Last Saturday, the winemakers organized a party on his page on Facebook, they encouraged guests to «come for selfies and stay for the wine».

Anyway, the rose quarter has subdued the inhabitants of Los Angeles — according to representatives of the firm M-Rad, it’s already been a few thousand people.