Miami on the leaderboard for hidden costs when buying a home

Miami on the leaderboard for hidden costs when buying a home

When it’s time to get a new house, one of the first to draw attention to most people, it’s … math. What do you need to buy a house and how much you need to keep it?

People tend the focus to pay for a huge down payment. And then they carefully calculate their costs on full repayment of the cost of housing and the monthly mortgage payments. These costs may affect other expenses of the family. Likely to buy a new house and probably to pay the full price, you will give up a new car, holiday or new furniture. But many people forget that the cost of the house is not the only waste in connection with its acquisition, hidden costs can add to your account a few hundred a month. This is the contents of the housing.

Property taxes, leaking roofs, homeowners insurance and termites, utilities and gardening services, sale of household goods is only a small list of needs that have to spend when buying a home and its contents.

The website conducted their own investigation and found out what are the additional costs when buying a home in 100 major U.S. cities. Miami entered the top ten leaders on volumes of unaccounted spending. The amount of monthly insurance payments for housing here is $298and the average cost of utilities monthly translates into $188.

Among other TOP 10 list also includes new York (with an average cost of insurance is $78 and the cost of utilities — $234), Boston (insurance — $99 utilities — $236), New Orleans (insurance — $248 utilities — $158), Los Angeles (insurance — $66, utilities — $146), Honolulu (insurance — $28 utilities $177), Houston (insurance — $162, utilities — $189) and . The rankings take into account other expenses, such as, for example, the property tax, the highest rate recorded in new York2%. In Miami , the rate is 1.2 percent.