With bitcoin you can now buy a house in Newark

With bitcoin you can now buy a house in Newark

Luxurious mansion in the state of Delaware now available for purchase with fake money, which a few years ago, have not heard members of the General public.

The house is a dream, located in the city Newark was built five years a Park near the White Clay Creek. In its construction the previous owners absolutely not stingy. Michael Keltchewsky agent of the company Brandywine Fine Properties Sotheby’s International Realty, says that the interior decoration of the estate is just excellent, and so the price in $1.75 million justified.

In the case that a potential buyer will not find the extra million, he can pay bitcoin — the international cryptocurrency, which provides transaction between two individuals without intermediaries. Cost of one bitcoin varies from $19 500 to $9 700. This week the value of the home at 93 Wedgewood Road would cost approximately One hundred seventy four units of virtual currency.

With bitcoin you can now buy a house in Newarksource: idxbroker

Keltchewsky hoped that the ability to pay with bitcoins attract international buyers. Because the area is not so much people able to afford such expensive purchases. In addition, the feature of bitcoin is that it does not require an intermediary to facilitate the transaction. The agent already found a lawyer to engage in the transaction, equating it to deal with paying in cash.

House in Newark — not the first, sold for bitcoins. The previous acquisition was made in Austin. It’s still early in California for bitcoins purchased the plot of land, for which he asked $1.6 million.