In new York will be allowed to live in the basement

In new York will be allowed to live in the basement

Mayor New York Bill de Blasio approved funding for the program on legalization basement apartments in the Eastern parts of the city. From the local budget it will be allocated $5.7 million.

The pilot project aims to increase the number of affordable housing units and to increase the incomes of homeowners.

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«For too long, tenants and homeowners at risk of eviction and large fines while the city has missed the opportunity to realize thousands of affordable housing units,» said city Council member Rafael Espinal.

According to Espinal, for legalization of the basement, of course, be brought into conformity with the approved norms — there needs to be complied with all fire safety requirements, in particular requiring mandatory Windows.

This initiative has both its supporters and critics alike, reports AMNY.

According to the Executive Director Cypress Hills Local Development Corporation Michelle Neugebauer, the biggest problem is that homeowners with low income to rebuild the basement, will have to get into debt. «Many of them are elderly people who can’t afford to take out a loan,» said Neugebauer.

At the same time, the Executive Director of the planning Council housing (CHPC) Jessica Katz hopes that the program will make it easier for homeowners rebuilding of the basement.

According to a February study CHPC «Hidden housing: apartments in the basement» in new York there are 10 to 38 thousand potential basement apartments, and therefore, the project is an effective way to replenish the housing stock of the city without the need to purchase new land or rebuild existing buildings.

«People live in these cellars, like it or not, so it is important to make them habitable and legitimate,» said Jessica Katz.