As in new York to share with the government the cost of rental housing

As in new York to share with the government the cost of rental housing

To rent a house in New York — very expensive, and for those who have finances sing romances, have here easy. Meanwhile, not everyone is aware of the country’s largest Federal housing program Section 8 housing. At the initiative of the Department of housing and urban development, the US government covers part of the rent more than 2 million families with low incomes, the disabled and the elderly.

If you become a member, the local government housing Fund pays a portion of your rent.

As in new York to share with the government the cost of rental housing

What is important to know?

Your family income must meet the limits that Section 8 determines for each region (because wages and prices for rental housing in the United States differ).

Is there any General requirements in the country?

«Yes, you must be over 18 years of age and you must be either a U.S. citizen or permanent resident with the appropriate immigration status, said consultant on real estate brokerage firm Mega Home from new York Anna Russo. — In addition, the income should be not less than 50% below the average for your region».

Affect whether the participation in the program other factors?

The housing authority may take into account the family composition (for example, the presence of children), as well as the income of the spouse. Some agencies prefer people who are homeless or veterans — to be decided in each case individually.

How to know whether you qualify for participation in the program?

The link you can find the address of your housing authority or call support by phone. 800-955-2232. There you calculate, does your total family income to receive assistance under the program.

The number of participants in the program limited?

Yeah. The programme is funded by the Federal government and because the number of available Section 8 vouchers are limited. But you can ask to put you in the queue.

«There is a myth about the program: that is only for poor people, says an expert on Section 8 Mike Lastowski. But often the members are hardworking families who simply do not earn enough. Many use the program as an opportunity to stay near family and friends».