The owner of the house in California refuses to sell his supporters trump

Want to buy a house in Sacramento (California)? Well, if you support the President of Donald trump, at least one homeowner , property not sell you.

This woman told my realtor Elizabeth Weintraub. However, the realtor said that with the condition of a landlord, problems can occur.

«Of course, we can ask the question: who did you vote for, but the man is not obliged to answer it», — told the correspondent channel KOVR-TV Weintraub.

The house was owned by the same family for several decades, but the current landlady decided to sell it, but only a person with similar political views.

Lawyer Allen Sawyer States that this condition may be construed as illegal. «It violates the first amendment. People have a right to believe in what you want and whom you want, and because of this, they must not discriminate in the purchase of real estate.»

In the USA there is a Law on fair housing. It prohibits landlords to discriminate against potential buyers on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, disability, marital status or citizenship, but it says nothing about political preferences.

We will remind that on last elections of the President of the»Golden state» was supported by the representative of the Democrats.