Affordable housing in Manhattan from $822 per month

Affordable housing and Manhattan — the concept is almost incompatible. Apartment in the borough cost tenants an average of $3400 per month — the highest price level in new York.

However, even here it is possible to rent apartments for less than $2000, and it’s not necessary to be among the poor.

124 apartments in the building at 401 — 411 EAST 120th STREET will play at the end of may.

Affordable housing in Manhattan from $822 per

18 of them will go to applicants from middle-income: from $ 458 40 to — $ 95 400 depending on the number of family members.

For them the cost of the monthly rent will be $1 125 for a Studio, $1 417 for a Studio and $1 706 for a one bedroom apartment.

In the remaining part of the house dwell family with income 60% of average. They, housing is cheaper: from $822 for a Studio to $1 224 for a two-bedroom apartment.

The house is situated in a location with good transport interchange. On the territory there is a Playground for children, Laundry, fitness center.

To apply for the lottery online or by mail until may 29. Preference in the drawing will give the disabled and municipal employees.