Affordable housing in Manhattan from $613 per month

Inexpensive apartment and Manhattan — the concept is almost incompatible, unless we are not talking about the lottery available real estate that gives the chance to rent a house three to five times cheaper than the average cost of rent.

One of these proposals will appear on Tuesday, may 5. This day will start accepting applications from candidates for 109 budget housing units in 42-story tower at 222 East 44th Street.

To be eligible for the low-income citizens, and people with above-average income.

Those whose income does not exceed 40% of the norm (from $22,903 up to $33,400 per year for 1-2 family members), the city offers studios and one-bedroom apartments for $613-659 per month.

Participants with an income of 60% of the average will get one — and two-bedroom apartments with rents of $1017-1230 per month.

Applicants with above-average income (from $74,435 to $135,590 per month) can count on all of the aforementioned types of apartments. Monthly rent will be $2116-2733, which is significantly below the average prices in the borough, which today is more than $3400.

The building, built on the site of the former 10-storey Parking lot, swimming pool, basketball court, cinema room, fitness club, Laundry, playroom for children and an outdoor BBQ area.

In addition to budget apartments in the house will be rented flats at normal prices.