Housing lottery in the East village | Affordable housing from $596

Cheap apartments and new York sometimes seem completely incompatible concepts. But the lottery of affordable housing in the East village confirms that everything is possible!

Today (may 4) want a chance to rent an apartment at very competitive prices in a residential complex 751 East 6th Street Apartments, located just two steps from the John V. Lindsay East River Park.

To qualify for an apartment, you need to get into one of three groups. If your income is 40% of the average for the region ($22, 320-33,400 per year), you may qualify for one of the 8 studios for $596 and 3-bedroom apartments for $640. The second group includes applicants with an income of 60% of the average ($42,549—72,600 per year), which offers 4 one-bedroom apartments for $980, 6 two-bedroom at $1,183 and one two-bedroom apartment for $1,359.

And if your income is 130% of the average ($68,709—135,590 per year), you have the opportunity to win two studios with a rental of $1,949, two one-bedroom apartments for $2,235 and two bedroom for $2,519.

The complex has a fitness center, a rooftop terrace and a place for Bicycle storage.

Guests may until 26 June to apply to participate in the housing lottery for affordable housing in the East village.