Authorities in San Francisco are demanding $5.5 million with a couple who is using Airbnb to illegally rent 14 apartments

Darren Lee and his wife Valerie city of San Francisco accused of fraud, through which they earned more than $700 thousand during the year, the couple donated 14 residential apartments, breaking the city law on short-term lease.

The Li family owns 45 apartments in 17 different houses throughout the city. To circumvent the law requiring that the owner rented through Airbnb accommodation most of the time he lived in it, resourceful entrepreneurs have attracted friends and acquaintances. They acted as alleged ownersin whose name the apartment was rented for long term rent.

To make it look as natural as possible, the couple had staged the shooting. The apartment was furnished like a regular there, living «masters», and took photos, which are then posted on the website of Airbnb. However, in the pursuit of easy money a couple of missed details, which helped to uncover the fraud.

The fact that in each of the apartments Whether operated on the same scheme. Food, environment, hygiene and a lot of little things that indicate permanent residence in the apartment of the owner, was absolutely identical in each case. For example, the products were purchased in the same supermarket, clothing and shoes used the same and even dirty dishes in most apartments was «just exactly».

The authorities of San Francisco did not appreciate the creative approach married couples for the delivery of housing and filed them in court. The city requires $750 for each of the days when flats were available for rent, and $1500 for the days when housing was shooting their customers. The total amount of compensation is $5.5 million.

The city is not the first time that sues family of Lee. In 2014 they were already involved in such proceedings. Then Darren and Valerie went to the world with the authorities of San Francisco and paid $276 thousand penalty, vowing not to continue to violate the law about short term rentals. Now they have a second round of confrontation.