Housing lottery | Budget apartments in Bronx from $865 per month

May 9 acceptance of applications for participation in the next draw of affordable housing. Their owners are looking for 218 apartments in the complex at 2256 Bathgate Avenue (Bronx).

At stake:

  • 16 apartments-studios for the price of $865,
  • 118 one-bedroom for $929,
  • 45 two-bedroom at $929,
  • 39 two-bedroom at $ 1 289 per month.

On budget apartment can expect renters with incomes at 60% of the average for the region, which today is $71 897 per year.

The building is non-Smoking. Of the facilities — free Laundry.

Applications for participation in the lottery accepted until July 10, online or by regular mail. To increase the probability of winning sign up on the website housingconnect.nyc.gov however in any case don’t duplicate the application and do not attempt to participate in the 2 lotteries at the same time!

The highest odds for the housing project have municipal workers, members of the public Council of the Bronx, as well as people with special needs.