In new York city are going to demolish the whole block of buildings in the district of the Upper East side

Ambitious plans to demolish houses in the neighborhood of the Upper East side was filed by a major developer in the construction Department of new York (New York City Department of Buildings). According to the project, the company Extell Development»s going to destroy the house, located on First Avenue, between 80th and 79th Streets.

Such a large-scale demolition, the developer planned to clear the way for a new project. At the moment all the buildings in the future will be wiped off the face of the city, represent the four houses. At the bottom of the buildings located shopping area, and on the other floors – apartments. The demolition will affect every home in between 1514-1528 First Ave.

According to Gary Barnett, founder and CEO of Extell Development’s here are going to implement a large-scale project, with a total area of over 250 thousand ft. The new structure will be a building of mixed type, with large shopping facilities, relaxation area and many residential apartments. In addition, it is expected that there will be school. According to the developer it’s already addressed to the representatives of one of the schools, but final deal not yet signed.

«When everything collapsed in 2008 and 2009, we sold most of the local real estate. Subsequently, however, we saw the opportunity to buy it again and start the implementation of major restructuring project,» said Gary Barnett.

At the same time, according to the published plans, in certain circumstances, the area that will affect future demolition, can be expanded. The representative of Extell Development»s confirmed that we are currently negotiating with the owners of nearby buildingswho were invited to consider the option of selling their assets.