New York actress more than half a century rented housing in Greenwich village for only $28

The former actress of Broadway tens of years lived in the apartment in Greenwich village, but never paid for her rent more than $30 per month.

On the top floor of a house in Greenwich village , Patricia Claire O’grady moved in 1955. The girl and her three roommates were washed corridor in exchange for a rent reduction to $16.

At that time, in the apartment there was nothing, and the girls began to build in their own way — set the sink and other amenities. In the end, all the lodger left the house, moving to a better place, and Patricia was still in it until the end of life, removing probably the cheapest apartment in the Big Apple. At the time of death of Patricia in March 2018 (elderly lady was hit by a car) her rent was $28,43.

«I consulted with a lawyer to find out legally whether such price» — says Adam Pomeranz, purchased in 2002, the building where lived a woman, is also his business — Murray’s Bagels. It turned out, so the rent really is legitimate.

HB Studio, actress Patricia O’grady was courageously different in every possible way. We mourn her recent passing and applaud her individuality, from her acting and dancing to the way she lived in her ridiculously cheap Greenwich Village walk-up

HB Studio (@HBStudioNYC) May 10, 2018

«HB Studio, actress Patricia O’grady always been courage. We mourn her recent care and admire her originality — from acting and dancing skills to life in a ridiculously cheap apartment in Greenwich village».

The apartment had no bath, no shower. There was only one gas lamp. O’grady resisted any changes and improvements in your home. According to Orange, she begged him: «what are you doing with me, tormenting me. Please leave the apartment as it is. I got used to it».

On top of that the apartment O’grady, may have been not only the cheapest in Greenwich village and in new York city without heat and hot water. The room had only 2 working fireplaces.

At 14th Street YMCA, the woman lived more than 60 years. Her sister Roberta, who still lives in their hometown of Oakland (state of California), told me that until the early 2000s, conducted from Patricia every Christmas. Then he began to stay at the nearest hotel, because the house my sister could not wash properly.

When Patricia O’grady moved into the top floor of a Greenwich Village walk-up in 1955 the rent was $16 a month. O’grady passed away in March at 84. Her rent was just $28.43 a month

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«When Patricia O’grady moved to the top floor of the house in Greenwich village in 1955, the rent was $16 a month. O’grady died in March at 84 years old. Her rent was only $28,43 per month.»

Despite his advanced age and bent back, O’grady continued to practice dancing twice a week at the School of the Joffrey ballet, where he was a longtime and favorite student.

Many in the local theatrical community with love remembered Patricia, she was a legend in this area of new York.

«I was lucky enough to rehearse a few scenes with Pat in her apartment back in the’ 80s,» recalls Edith Meeks, Executive and artistic Director of HB Studio. «I remember a Siamese cat and a wood burning stove, hangers for suits and a living room which she used to rehearse».

Now the owner of the house finally repair the apartment with two bedrooms to rent for $5 thousand per month16566% more expensive than it cost Patricia O’grady.