Three regions of America where greatly decreased real estate prices

In the United States have attractive places where real estate prices have dropped significantly. Team presented three of these cities, comparing fluctuations in property prices over the past two years 350 largest cities.

Of course, these paradises are forgotten for a reason, and in each case you will find out the reason for the decline in prices: a glut of new housing market, massive layoffs, closing companies, economic downturns or natural disasters.

Let’s see where exactly buyers waiting for a long-awaited discount in the price of the property.


Santa Maria (Santa Barbara, CA)

Average house price: $951,6 thousand

Price reduction: was 17.7%.

It is a beautiful place on the coast of California, located only two hours North of Los Angeles, has twice become the epicenter of natural disasters over the past year. In July, the fires burned about 50 thousand acres, destroyed nearly 20 homes. And in January got struck Montecito.

The violence of the disaster killed more than 20 people, many houses were destroyed.

The effects of natural disasters seriously affected the prices, and buyers are still hesitant to enter this market.

«People who are considering buying a home here, will think twice, says senior Vice President of information company ATTOM Data Solutions Darren Blomquist. — It can happen again.»


Pottsville (PA)

Average house price: $72, 3 thousand

Price reduction: 8.1 percent.

This is the oldest neighborhood in America, where the brewery Yngling, suffered from the difficult economic situation and unemployment. And although the economy is improving due to the opening of large shopping malls, it is still «recovery» is of a selective character.

Housing in this region is mostly old «Victorians»built from the early 1900s up to 50 years. Meanwhile, buyers interested in the new building.



Average house price: $823, 9 thousand

The price declineof 6.7%.

Strong fires of 2017 who have been through NAPA and other areas in California, brought a lot of death and destruction: 44 persons were lost, more than 8 thousand houses and buildings were destroyed. NAPA was seriously damaged which could not be reflected in the drop in property prices.