The authorities of new York will spend $2 billion on public housing

The authorities of new York will spend $2 billion on the improvement of public housing as compensation for years of inactivity. This was decided by the Federal court in Manhattan in response to numerous complaints and investigations in relation to the country’s largest housing authority new York city (NYCHA). This was announced by the prosecution on 11 June.

Also, the decision adopted the position of observer of the work NYCHA.

In NYCHA annually received thousands of complaints about broken elevators, poor heating, mold, the presence of rats and cockroaches, etc., but the actions in response to these complaints are almost never taken, reported AP NEWS.

«Today’s decision marks the end of a nightmare for all the residents,» — said at a press conference, Prosecutor Jeffrey Berman.

He accused the Agency of «false statements and concealment» in the submission of reports. «The culture of NYCHA is to blame, blame the management of the Agency,» said Berman.

In particular, the Agency is accused of indifference to the poisoning of children by lead paint. For the period 2010 to 2016 was recorded 19 confirmed cases of poisoning with lead children from exposure to paint in the apartments of public housing.

The mayor of new York bill de Blasio called the decision «a dramatic step» and «a turning point for our system of public housing».

In April, the head of NYCHA Olatoye Shola (Shola Olatoye) resigned from his job, and the management is now operating a new senior management.