Affordable housing | Studios from $548 in the Bronx

Began accepting applications for participation in the drawing of the 191 apartments at 1000 Fox Street and 960 Simpson Street, Longwood in the Bronx. The house has Laundry, gym, Parking for bicycles and paid Parking.

Minimum income to qualify — $20,675, Studio — from $548. The new Yorkers are given preference. The quota for residents of Bronx Community Board 2 — 50%. For municipal employees — 5%. For people with disabilities reserved 7% of the apartments. Rental rates include gas consumption for cooking.

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To apply for participation in the housing lottery by mail or by completing the online form.

To receive by mail the application form, send an envelope with a return address on the PRC Fox Street LLC, P. O Box 1591, Bronx NY 10459.

Remember: repeated applications are not considered, and the parties, duplicating them, disqualifiziert.

The application should be sent no later than August 27.

Previously USA.ONE wrote that since July to change the rules of the lottery for affordable housing.