Marriage to an American: what to ask in an interview for a green card

Many people around the world today believe in the American dream. For them it is a synonym for a new, better life. And to achieve its goal, the aliens are coming on a variety of tricks, including trying to obtain a green cardby engaging in a marriage with a US citizen.

The immigration service (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services — USCIS) are well aware of the desire of people in other countries to seek immigration benefits in obtaining a residence permit and therefore even real marriage can be questioned.

Therefore, before the interview with the USCIS agent lawyers strongly recommend that spouses compare their answers to at least basic questions.

At the interview, an ice agent examined the documents, will begin to learn additional information, to check again who you are, where you live and work, what is your financial level (the immigrant received a green card, immediately demanded assistance from the state).

Spouses must provide proof that their relationship was real, that they live and vacation together: photos, tickets, bills — anything and more. The spouse (wife) from the USA are not required to attend the interview, but the consular officials have any doubts about the reality of marriage, they can demand that your mate interviewed in the United States.

Here is composed of immigration lawyers a list of questions, the answers to which you need to prepare for an interview for a green card (in order of complexity):

  • How did you meet?
  • How soon after meeting did you start Dating?
  • When you met each other’s families?
  • How did you decide to get married?
  • Where did you buy the rings?
  • How was the wedding and who attended?
  • What happened after?
  • Which hosted the wedding reception?
  • Anyone who will be caught in a lie, they threaten to $250 thousand. fine and imprisonment.

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    The immigration officer can also ask more complex questions:

  • As you enter the house?
  • What transportation regularly uses your spouse (husband or wife)?
  • What were you doing last night?
  • What were you doing on Christmas?
  • What a gift you have made to your spouse (wife)?
  • When was the last time your husband (wife) met (familiarize) with the mother-in-law?
  • Where you met with the brothers and sisters of the spouse (spouse)?
  • If your spouse (wife) any tattoos or scars from operations?
  • In addition, the officer may:

  • To ask you to draw a plan of your bedroom.
  • To visit your home to see if you really live there, or the Park where you often walk.
  • Talk to your neighbors.
  • Immigration lawyers suggest to the agent USCIS permission to have a lawyer present during the interview. Also install with the speaker eye contact, even if your country is not accepted.

    Michael R. Jarecki, an immigration attorney from Chicago, warns that the immigration agent the Respondent considers the alien through the prism of American culture, even if he only recently arrived in the United States.