Now for Smoking in new York public housing may cancel your rental agreement

As reported on Monday, July 30, the New York City Housing Authority and Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, buildings NYCHA enters into force a ban on Smoking. The decision was taken as part of initiatives to improve air quality for tenants of public housing.

Now cigarette, electronic cigarettes, cigars, pipes and hookahs are prohibited in the premises of the NYCHA, as well as within 25 feet from them. Under the new law, if an employee of the Housing Department says a tenant Smoking in a restricted area or gets three complaints, you should conduct explanatory conversation and the offender is to sign the document according to which his lease may be canceled, if the situation persists for years.

NYCHA representative stressed that the aim of the new rules is concern about the health of the occupants, not their eviction. As explained in the Department, cancellation of the contract can take months, and it can always be stopped if the tenant can prove that more does not violate the rules.