The Bishop of California has abandoned a home costing $2 million that he was bought by the diocese

The Bishop of the Catholic diocese of San Jose (state of California) stated that he would not live in a house in Silicon (Silicon) valley, which he bought by the diocese in honor of the retirement.

The house is estimated at $2.3 million.

Instead, Bishop Patrick J. McGrath said he plans to live in one of the parishes in San Jose, and expensive the house will be put up for sale.

«I’ve heard a lot about the housing crisis in the region, what daily have to struggle families and communities. And I decided not to move into this house,» said 73-year-old McGrath.

In 2016, the priest was a co-author of the article in which he wrote: «Too many families with children live in cars or with other families in small houses, because you can’t afford to pay for rent a nice spacious house. There is no moral or social justification, any justification, because of the lack of affordable housing».

The diocese purchased a house with an area of about 3300 square feet (306 m2) is described as «like a Tuscan estate,» with a marble bathroom and a huge kitchen.
According to Bishop, all profits from the sale of the house will be donated to Catholic charities of the County of Santa Clara.