Where US immigrants to pay for the move

Would be great to start life from scratch in a new place, not only spent all their savings, but instead left with a decent profit? Few people would refuse such a turn of events… if I believed that it is possible. We believe this offer is too good to be true — something like advertising. And alienate the real chance to change for the better. Offer believe (and verify) that the «impossible» possible!


Not to say that modern Americans are so tied to the place of his birth. Not at all. However, if we follow the trend move, you notice their «tradition». Young people born in small towns or suburbs, tend to major centres. Who for a better education, who — in search of paid work. Someone just goes for a dream, attracted by the lights of the big city. And it all seems logical. After all, in new York or Chicago definitely have more opportunities for beginners to experts. But competitors more! What is the price of living in the city? And what does man get in return?

The overall picture of the U.S. population over the past 100 years has changed significantly. In the early XX century, about half of Americans lived in rural areas. Now what? According to 2010 data, 81% of the population were citizens and only 19% is rural. Young people moved EN masse to the big cities, where everyone is arranged as can. Some quite successfully integrated into city life, while others just keep running like a squirrel in a wheel, not seeing a way out of this cycle.

Where US immigrants to pay for the move

Who benefits from the program of support of immigrants

Anyone who wants to start a life in a new place, but do not dare to take the plunge!

Often the circumstances are such that you do not control events, events control you. Housing is so expensive that you can’t think about anything else except earning extra money. Work is terrible, the boss is unbearable. But the emotions take a back seat when you have to pay on current accounts. And it’s not talking about debt payment for the education! In such cases, it really makes sense to stop and think: but only if this is the path for you? There may be another, selecting which you will live every day, not missing a single precious moment and not putting off life until later?

Many US cities and even whole States offer a carefully designed program to support those who wish to become permanent residents. You will be able to repay the loan for education, absolutely free land, and in some cities you will be asked to realize his dream — to finally buy your own house with little or no investment! Isn’t this articleaboutit in order to collect all their belongings back-breaking labor, download in the car and heading towards a comfortable and peaceful life in a new place?

If you have something to pay? No, all costs will take on the power of your new residence. What do you risk? Nothing. Except the loss of fear of the unknown.

US cities with the best programs for moving

Realizing the need to attract young people, the power of medium and small cities in the US have developed a number of incentive programs that will destroy doubt even hardened skeptics. So, let’s begin.

Harmony (Mn)

You are attracted by the tranquility of life at the edge of the ten thousand lakes? Then we have good news! The office of economic development city of harmony , Minnesota returns newly arrived residents from $5 to $12 thousand in cash in payment of the costs of building a new home. The amount depends on the final cost of the finished housing. There are no restrictions on age, nationality or income level candidates.

Where US immigrants to pay for the move

New Haven (CT)

Town on the shore of long island, which is one of the most prestigious universities — Yale University, also actively attracts new residents. Moved here you in addition to a comfortable life will get impressive financial savings. New haven is a small, very cozy and lively town with art galleries and bookstores at every step. Well, the number of pizzerias, he has no equal in all of America.

Offer new haven can safely be called very generous. Its programs include up to $80 thousand payment to immigrants the cost of new housing, including a five-year non-refundable credit in the amount of $10 million for an initial purchase of $30 thousand on repairs and up to $40 million to cover the loans. In the programme RE: New Haven founded an interest-free loan of $10 thousand for the purchase of new housing. Plus $30 thousand to repair. For the military, government employees, teachers and firefighters — another $2.5 thousand

The Tribune (Kansas)

Has its own incentive and initiative in the Tribune. His program Rural Opportunity Zone provides for payment within 5 years of the loan for tuition of up to $15 thousand. Thus, after living several years in this small town in the heart of the United States, you can significantly reduce your costs. To date, the program has hosted 25 new residents.

Where US immigrants to pay for the move

Baltimore (MD)

Coastal Baltimore has developed a dual view. In the view of many in the city, all run by drug dealers and corrupt cops, and primary education is the worst in the country. However, these stereotypes have not true. Local authorities are very competent policy on urban development, including with the involvement of immigrants. The effectiveness of this policy say the results. So, for the last 18 years, the population of Baltimore increased by 32%! However, the problem of outflow of Baltimore, leaving their homes in search of better prospects, still exists today. What was up with the city authorities? All those wishing to live in Baltimore they offer not only good prices, but also many of the support programs. The average home price in Baltimore is $240 thousand, i.e. twice lower than in Washington or Boston. And here at this great price, the settlers receive a discount!

The program Buying Into Baltimore for everyone to buy a house in the city will be compensated $5 thousand. Another program — The Live Near Your Work provides for reimbursement of expenses for the purchase of housing the city authorities and the company, taking immigrants to work. Total compensation ranges from $2 to $5 thousand. Those who do not want to build new housing, and would prefer to buy one of the empty houses will receive $10 million for the program Vacants to Value.

Portland (Me)

For young entrepreneurs, Portland is a Paradise. Available primary loans make the city very popular among businessmen place. Working here at least 2 big Fund is willing to provide business financing at any stage of its development, whether it is a primary business plan to open a new workshop or additional investment in existing big project. In Portland unable to support entrepreneurs who are rejected in other major cities. Not to mention the natural beauty of Maine. To go to the coast to watch whales, relax on the beach, go snowboarding — all this is possible within the boundaries of a state.

And in the city of Marne (Marne), a 45-minute drive from Omaha, you will find a free land! All you have to do is to build a house on his own project and taste. The only requirement is to size. Minimum floor area — 112 m2 (24 × 36 m).

The best States to move

Where US immigrants to pay for the move


Mountainous Colorado is the only state located entirely at altitudes over 1 km above sea level — also has something to offer to immigrants. Here you can build a house with significant help from the state. The program is available to everyone aged 12 to 70 years. Provides benefits for people with disabilities.

Programs to attract new residents to Colorado several. In the example of irrecoverable credit in the amount of 4% of the fee for the house. In addition, the state created all the conditions for running own business. In the ranking of Forbes magazine, Colorado ranked 1st place in terms of support work. The people starting a new business or wishing to develop in the state is already operating.


The only reason to constantly contemplate pristine nature and nepriedayuschiysya the beauty of the suburbs, Staboutit industrial to leave Seattle and move to Washington. Beautiful state of the United States immediately strikes the imagination, cultivating in your heart the desire to stay here forever. However, in this Paradise has its complications.

Today, the state faces an acute shortage of medical personnel. So if you chose the medical profession and willing to work in Washington for at least 3 years, the state will assume the payment of your tuition in the amount of $75 thousand. Of course, there are a number of restrictions on the program, in particular the minimum number of working hours per week and a certain medical specialty.

Where US immigrants to pay for the move


At the time the state first began attracting immigrants. Alaskans receive money just for living there since 1976. Rarely any American would agree voluntarily to live on the Peninsula with not the most pleasant climate and no infrastructure. However, admirers of this particle Scandinavia in the US still are. Here you can ski, sled, dogs, fish finally. And for that the state government annually pay about $2 thousand. Individual programs are designed for medical personnel and war veterans.